Introducing the Stat Board – Get an Insight into your Data!

With the release of v13, users can now view, edit and create their own dash boards. Choose from preset templates, create your own or modify an existing stat board. What can recruiters achieve with the Stat Board? Each user within a organization requires a different sets of statistics. For example a Director would like to see an overall performance of the entire organization, a recruiter would like to get a quick look at his or her recruitment pipeline, a line manager would want to measure team performance etc.. Recruit Craft’s Stat Board generates on demand statistics for any scenario. Lets … Continue reading

Introducing the new Knowledge Base

Recruit Craft’s new Knowledge base gives you access to a searchable user manual. Each section has been designed with usability in mind. The Knowledge base is categorized by function and records. This means that users can easily browse through each section to find what they need or simply run a search. Moreover, the Knowledge base is fully indexed in Google which means that you could search directly in Google by simply adding the term “Recruit Craft” to your searches. Below are a few screen shots of our new Knowledge base. Easy Categorized Navigation Search the KnowledgeBase Head over to the … Continue reading

Recruit Craft, Cloud Computing and Windows Azure

  There are hundreds of recruitment software’s out there, some web based, some cloud based and some are simply deployed on premises. What I have found with a large number of business owners and users alike is that they don’t fully understand the meaning of “cloud” based storage. All websites are cloud based as the application is online as well as their data. The misconception lies in the fact that desktop applications running locally can be cloud storage based. The main distinction is that even though web applications are innately cloud based, desktop applications can be optimized for cloud storage. … Continue reading

Recruit Craft begins Metro UI Development

With the launch of Windows 8 and business productivity apps going touch, we are happy to announce that Recruit Craft has begun development of Recruit Craft Metro. This will be a parallel development to our classic application. This project doesn’t intend to replace our existing application but simply complement it. At first we aim to develop a light version using the Metro UI so that recruiters can have access to their data on the go, while using the beautiful Metro UI. Our Metro project will consist of 3 three phases and we hope to release the first beta version of … Continue reading

Will recruiting software make the switch to metro?

Recruitment software has been evolving as technology evolved for over 20 years now. However during the evolution of software platforms, most software companies decided to stick with the traditional style of application development which you see implemented in most recruiting solutions – the desktop style user interface. Why is it that most companies preferred not to make the switch to newer platforms?       1. Reliable It is no secret that the traditional desktop style of applications also referred to as the classic desktop application, a legacy application or for the technical minded a Win Forms application, is one … Continue reading

Mobile Recruiting, Is it really happening?

Mobile Recruiting, Is it really happening? With everything going mobile, is the recruiting industry really changing? Well, everyone these days is constantly on their tablets or mobiles checking emails, surfing or just chatting with friends. It’s hard to deny that quite a bit is of work is being done on the go.  It’s hard to deny that in spite of all this work being done on the go and online, recruiters still need to be at their desk to answer calls, write down notes, meet with candidates etc. When defining what “Mobile Recruiting” really is, I think we need to … Continue reading